Monday 27 June 2016


Good morning Trailers,

In response to many requests you can now place your order for a TMTrailers tee shirt.  The order form is attached.   Please complete it and e-mail a scanned copy back to Gaeleen at    Closing date for orders is 15 July.

If you want to check how many sorties you have done go to our Blog and click on "Runners Log"  I updated it this weekend.

You may order a coloured tee in advance if you are close to achieving the required number of sorties, we simply keep the tee shirt for you and hand it over when you reach the required number of runs.

Please note that I am away from 30 June until the 16th July thus any trail running queries please contact Gaeleen: or Lorraine:

Regards  --Peter

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Friday 24 June 2016

FEEDBACK: 25th June 2016 - Sunbird Centre

After hearing my alarm, I went straight into ‘auto pilot’ – a sinus headache was not going to keep me from one of my favourite routes.

We gathered at the cross roads and had our biggest turnout for a TMT run (at a quick count I think it was 56). After managing to find runners to take charge of the three groups, we all sped off down the hill and up the valley. The rivers were flowing and the vegetation fresh and green.

The main group was made up of about 16 runners and was managed by Paul, Tamsyn and Natalie – they did just over 16 km in about 2 hours. Kate and Belinda stopped to help some elderly folk who had a member of their group with an injured ankle – thanks for organising help for them. They did an extra loop including the River Walk – which is now open again after the fires.

The medium group was the largest group of about 30 runners. With such a big group – it is inevitable that it would break up into smaller groups. Thanks to Aubrey, Neil and Theo amongst others, for managing this groups. They did over 13 km in 1h35 or slightly longer, taking a single track off the Old Wagon trail.

The slow group consisted of 8 of us – some of us just not feeling great on the day, so we walked the up hills, ran where we could, and took in the scenery. We did just over 11 km, coming in at a similar time to the medium group.

A couple of minor falls and roasties, but a route enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to Natalie and Laura on reaching their 75th runs with us, and to Felicity who joins the 100 club.


Thursday 16 June 2016

FEEDBACK: Saturday 18th June 2016 - Olifantsbos (Cape Point Nature Reserve)

After a week of anxious weather watching, the weather gods smiled on us and a cold but beautiful morning greeted the 25 trailers who gathered at Olifantsbos. This is one of my favourite routes as it contains bits of everything you could meet on a trail. It is short at 10km, but runnable and challenging.

When the sunrise hit the cloud formations and the amazing scenery, you would have thought that we were a group of photographers rather than runners! 

The fast group took off behind Julian and co and we didn't see them again... We started out along the beach visiting the Thomas Tucker and other wrecks, then turned inland for some flowing single track to Sirkelsvlei. After regrouping there we started back along the rocky paths along the ridge back to the cars. A few of us did the ground-kissing thing but no serious injuries reported. Peter led his slower group at a more sedate pace along the same route.

Some bemused bontebok watched us all run back to the cars, while other animal spottings were a civet, a mongoose and an ostrich with 5 babies.

A beautiful run, well worth the early alarm clock and the drive in the dark.
Aubrey Springer did his25th sortie and we have Felicity and Julian on their 99th, so next week we could see them earn their black tees. Well done to the 5 newbies! Welcome to the trailers.

More photos on the Table Mountain Trailers facebook page and on Liz Brash's and Lorraine Nevin's personal facebook pages.

Friday 10 June 2016

FEEDBACK Sat 11 June Constantia Nek, Dams & Smuts track

Thanks to the fact that Tim's Faster Longer group joined us for this sortie we had 50 trailers muster under the trees in the Constantia Nek parking area.  There was some disagreement as to whether the morning was simply invigorating/ bracing/ brisk or b----- cold!.

After Allison had organised us into our respective groups and designated the leaders, Tim led off the Fast group and we heard no more of them until they returned 130 minutes later having completed their route up to the Dams, Smuts Track to the aqueduct before turning back, a distance of 12.5 kms.

Neil and Gae then took the medium group and having reached the back-table they then split up and returned via several different routes generally covering between 10,5 to 13km in about 2hrs 15mins.

The slow group followed on their heels and did the first leg of the Smuts track before returning via the Alexandra Dam. 10.5 Km in 2hrs 20min.
Elna van der Merwe who normally runs with the Fast group joined us having persuaded her husband Deon to try out trail running and it would seem she has him hooked!

The Slow Group

Slow group looking over an almost empty Alexandra Dam

Looking towards False Bay