Monday 20 January 2014

FEEDBACK 25 January, Sunbird Centre into Silvermine Reserve

35 Turned up to the start in the cool of the morning of  magnificent summer's day.   The air was crisp and clear washed clean by the previous afternoon's rain.

 By all accounts a good run for all groups Main group led by Julian over a variation of the usual route with Gae as sweep and photographer.  

Main group did 14.5 kms and the Recovery Group 11.5 kms

Monday 13 January 2014

FEEDBACK: 18 January -Constantia Nek

We had a very good turnout with 38 runners including nine newbies.   A good run over a familiar route to Skeleton Gorge and back through the gardens and the gravel tracks through Cecelia Forest.    The Recovery group turning back at Nursery ravine to give a slightly shorter route.

Main group examining the damage down during last year's spring storm

Recovery Group

Profile of Main group's run

Track followed by Main Group