Monday 31 July 2017

TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS NEXT SORTIE: Saturday 5th August 2017- Pipetrack - Woody Ravine - Kasteelspoort - Tranquility Cracks

Good evening Trailers,
Sorry about the late email!

This Saturday we'll be doing the Pipetrack - Corridor Ravine - Kasteelspoort/Tranquility Loop.


We start along the Pipe Track with magnificent views over the Atlantic seaboard all the way to Corridor Ravine. Up Corridor, then two left turns to explore Tranquility Cracks. Continue along the Twelve Apostles route to check out the top of the old cableway used to build the dams, there's a great view from there. We then head down Kasteelspoort and back along the Pipetrack to the carpark.

Rendevouz and start time:

We will meet at Kloof Nek in the 2nd car park where the SanParks hut is ready to start at 07:30.

Terrain and Distance:

The Pipetrack is fairly flat, but rocky in areas. There is a steep ascent up to the top and some single track along the Twelve Apostles route to Kasteelspoort. The route will take approximately 2.30 - 3hours. See attachments for the main route and elevations.

Medium Group:

The recovery group will turn up Woody Ravine for a shorter route.

Slow Group (To Be confirmed):

The slow group will turn up Kasteelspoort from the Pipetrack before turning back.

What to bring:

Water (please bring enough for the full duration of the run), whistle, a weather or waterproof jacket and a light snack. 

See you all there!

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Sunday 23 July 2017

FEEDBACK Saturday 29 July 2017 - Silvermine West - Constantiaberg

As Constantiaberg Peak was covered in cloud and the sky looked ominous, it was encouraging to have a fairly large group of intrepid trailers meet at the carpark.

The wind was cold so after waiting for everyone to pay at the gate, we all headed off to the Hout Bay Lookout.

The fast group, led by Gregg, went up the Old Fisherman's track and along the Amphitheatre path, the medium group took the River Walk and the zig zag shortcuts, and the slower group, led by Peter, drove up to the MTB parking and went up the zig zags.

Halfway up the river walk, 4 fast mediums broke away and we never saw them again...!

After a misty group photo at the lookout, the medium group started up the slog through the mist to the mast. 

The wind got cooler and tops were put back on. The fast group came "flying" past us up the hill, but the slower group had reached the top first!. 

As we got to the top, the sun appeared in time for us to drink in the 360 views, take some photos and have some welcome snacks.

The flowing descent down the single track past Elephant's Eye Cave got the heart going.

Due to the time, a group decision was made to go back via the dam and the River Walk. 

A wonderful outing with bits of jeep track, single track, some climbing and stunning scenery!

We missed celebrating Jo Boswell's 100th run - congratulations Jo!
Lize-Marick Keyser has reached her 25th sortie and Julia Nevin joins the fast check-ins.

Lots more photos on our facebook page

Monday 17 July 2017

FEEDBACK Saturday 22nd July 2017 - Cecilia Forest,Waterfall and Ridge

Saturday 22 July 2017 saw a fine turn out of trailers descend upon Cecilia Forest.

Weather predictions by were a tad off on this lovely day, and a thick, dark bank of cloud greeted us as we arrived. While conditions lower down the mountain were perfect for running, the top was...a little different.

The route started out with few kilometres of nice smooth running (not usually a trait of TMT runs).

Consequently the Fasties led by Gregg Smith, swept by Tim Belairs and ably assisted by local trail legend the CEO, quickly disappeared into the distance and were only seen again by the Mediums and the Slower Groups at the end, relaxing and rehydrating in the parking lot. After following the set route up Cecilia Ridge and around De Villiers Dam the fast group decided to omit the out and back to Belle Ombre, due to the damp conditions on the Back Table, instead following the planned decent, with some variations, facilitating a smooth speedy run back to Cecilia parking lot. The result was an excellent time of 1h37 min for the 11.4kms covered.

The Mediums led by the usual committee, encountered some friendly mountain bike traffic on the cycle track which unfortunately halted progress on the fastest section of the run. Following the set route, the Mediums made their way up the Bridle path with a mixture of canter and banter, after which they picked up the pace, heading on to Cecilia Waterfall for a breather in some of the most beautiful scenery on the Mountain.

The route up Cecilia Ridge saw the Mediums employing various techniques of 2x4 and 4x4, leading to some exhilarating experiences for all. Upon reaching the Back Table a quick pow-wow resulted in those who were time strapped splitting off in a homeward bound group, omitting the De Villiers Dam Loop. The balance of the Mediums continued as planned around the De Villiers dam, getting a bit lost on the other side of the dam and then dropping to the water’s edge to reach the cement track again (let’s blame the misty conditions). Following the set route home the Mediums opted for a more direct approach, sticking to Spilhaus Ravine Stairs back to Cecilia Parking area. Their final distance covered 11.5km in 2h50min.

The  Slower group led by Nora Miller proceeded to explore the Forest towards Constantia Nek, working their way to the top of Spilhaus Ravine and on to Cecilia Waterfall for a lovely group photo. (See our Facebook Page) From here they made their way back to the Cecilia parking. Resulting in 8km covered in 2hrs.

A big welcome back to Judy Philips on her return to TMT, following her injury a few months ago.

 Run Report: Theo Smith