Monday 28 January 2019

Next Run Saturday 2nd February - Red Disa run

Hi All

Saturday 2 February 2019  –   Red Disa Run – Cecelia Forest, Skeleton Gorge, Reservoirs, Aqueducts
This Saturday we will go on our annual hunt for the red disas, but will have a different starting point . Our route takes us from Cecelia Forest, via Skeleton Gorge to the dams, onto the aqueducts, and back via a choice of routes.

Rendezvous and Start Time
RV in Cecilia forest parking at the top of Hohenort Ave just off Rhodes Drive.
Ready to start at 6h30.  Please come 10 mins earlier to sign the register and for a run briefing.  Please bring money for the parking attendant (R10)
Terrain and Distance
The route consists of gravel road, steps, a nice climb with some rock scrambling, single track, cement road – so a bit of everything.  More or less 14 km taking in the region of about 3.0 hours.  Please note this is a pack run, and we will divide into a few pace groups on the day with a leader and a sweep chosen per group.
Please take note of the longer time for this route

What to bring
Remember water, whistle, ICE details and a warn/rainproof top and a camera/photo for taking pictures of the Red Disa!

Please make sure to bring enough water ie. minimum 1.5L for the duration of the run. Also ensure you carry a warm/windproof top and a whistle.  Also please carry some form of ICE details

K-Way VOB does not allow dogs on our runs

Have a great week

(083 55 696 79)

K-Way VOB's Medium Distance Trail Group
Blog: < running is inherently more dangerous than road running.  It takes place over uneven hazard strewn trails in exposed and often remote terrain where help is not always readily available. 
Participation is voluntary and entirely at your own risk as although the organizers take reasonable precautions to ensure runner safety, it cannot be guaranteed.  To this end neither the Club nor the organisers personally can be held liable for any claims relating to inter alia, injuries, disabilities and death.
 Further any minor child participating in any trail running activity will be deemed to be doing so with the consent of his or her guardian.
By starting out on a trail run you explicitly acknowledge that: 1] you understand the associated risks involved and accept full responsibility for your own safety. 2] you are medically and physically fit to participate and 3] are carrying the necessary water, clothing and safety equipment required for the particular run.

Monday 21 January 2019

Saturday 26th January: Woody Ravine, Valley of Red Gods, Kasteelspoort (Theresa Ave start)

Hi Trailers!

This week we go back up on to Table Mountain from the pipetrack side but start from Theresa Ave in Camps Bay at 6:30am 


We start at Theresa Ave and climb up the track to the pipetrack. Here we turn right and run along the pipetrack to Woody Ravine. We climb up Woody and turn left to run through the Valley of the Red Gods, Echo Valley and back down to the dam, going down Kasteelspoort and back down to the cars. 

For those who have time constraints, skip out the Valleys and go up Woody and down Kasteelspoort - still gives you a good workout!


We meet at Theresa Ave in Camps Bay (see below for directions) ready to run at 6:30am

Terrain and distance:

This is mostly single track with a bit a of jeep track at the start and end. Some steepish climbs and descents but well worth doing. The distance is around 12km and there are ample routes for those who want extra distance!


Coming from town, pass the turnoff to the cable car and continue down towards Camps Bay, taking the 3rd road to the left (Fiskaal Road). Follow this road up the hill - it becomes Francolin Ave and then Theresa Ave. Parking at the entrance is limited so par along the sea side of the road as far as possible taking care not to block any residents entrances. Please ensure that your car is facing the correct direction...


Water, Whistle, Warm/windproof/rain top, ICE information and to ensure that the person behind you knows where you have turned.

Unfortunately no dogs allowed


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Monday 14 January 2019

Sat 19 Jan: Table Mountain Front Face to Oppelskop and return

Hi Trailers!

Table Mountain North Face Traverse

A straightforward out and back run along the scenic trail across the North Face of Table Mountain to Oppelskop and return.

Rendezvous and start timeRV in the upper Kloof Nek parking area at the foot of Tafelberg Rd on your left. Ready to start at 06h30.
How to get there?  Drive up Kloof Nek Rd to the top and follow the signs to the Cable Station. After turning left onto Tafelberg Rd you will see a parking area on your left, it has two levels, turn left into the upper level.

Terrain and distanceA good fairly steep climb up to the upper contour path below Kloof Corner ridge then along the undulating single mountain contour trail which runs across the North face overlooking the City. 
Once up on the contour path there are a few modest gradients and most of it is along a single gravel and rocky trail with occasional precipitous short stretches but the route is easy to follow.  Distance about 12-14 kms taking more or less about 2hrs 30m.

This is a pack run with regular regroups, we will split into speed groups with leaders and sweeps on the morning. There will be a Relaxed group led by Felicity and Neil.

DogsPlease note that  K-Way VOB club rules do not permit dogs on our runs.

What to bringWater, whistle, warm/windproof top depending on weather, space blanket, ICE ID - either on your phone, bracelet/tag, card in your backpack.
ImportantPlease remember to look behind you at every turn in the route to make sure the people behind you see which way you are going.  
Leaders of each group will ensure that no-one is left behind. Please keep the groups together and ensure that no-one is left on their own. 

See you all there!


Monday 7 January 2019

Saturday 12th January 2019: Newlands Forest

Happy New Year Trailers!

We're going to take this first sortie of the year nice and easy with a short and shady circuit of Newlands Forest, similar to the Two Oceans short trail route. 

Rendezvous and start time 
Meet at the UCT car park - ready to start running at 6.30am. 

Terrain & Distance
This route is made up of jeep track and single track. There are a few gentle climbs that may take your breath away depending on the number of mince pies you ate over the holidays. The main group will cover about 10km in roughly 1 and a half hours. I believe that Tim will be taking the longer, faster group on an extended route, but this to be confirmed on Friday. 
Relaxed group to be confirmed on Friday.

What to bring 
Water, whistlea space blanket and your ICE information. 

Please note that TMT unfortunately does not welcome dogs on its runs.

Lorraine Nevin
072 575 0914