Friday 27 June 2014

FEEDBACK: Sat 28 June King's Blockhouse

22 runners took advantage of the glorious weather and pitched up at Rhodes Mem. A bit of a lung-busting climb to the turnstile just below Blockhouse and then glorious single track through the forest, over streams, along boardwalks, past waterfalls accompanied by all the foresty clich├ęs – birdsong, dappled sunlight through the trees. 

The Recovery group turned back a little earlier than Skeleton Gorge and covered 11kms in a two and half hours and the Main Group ran 13.6kms in 3 hours. A splinter group decided to avoid the big climbs on the way back and came via Newlands forest, they covered 13.9kms and were back before Recovery. 

Thank you to Richard for leading and Gaeleen for sweeping and taking photos. A beautiful forest run.


Friday 20 June 2014

FEEDBACK: Sat 21 June, Kleinplaas dam circuit

A great start on midwinters day with a strong turn out of runners. The weather was surprisingly warm with no wind and full sunshine. The circular route went around the koppies behind Glencairn and Red Hill to the Kleinplaas dam and back.

Route and elevation

Much of the trail was on sand through through shallow, wide valleys and open fynbos veld. The trail was waterlogged in many places, which made for wet and muddy shoes the whole run.

The main group and recovery group covered 13.8 km and 10 km, respectively, in just under two hours.

Thanks to Piero for organising this run.

Main group in front of the dam

Quick stop on the path

Looking west towards the sea

Friday 13 June 2014

FEEDBACK:14 June 2014 Tokai

A number of brave runners (14 in total) turned up at the Tokai arboretum for a run.  Randolph, our run manager, gave a brief description of the route and we were soon off up the shortcuts. The main group climbed the shortcuts to Level 5 in just under an hour and continued north towards mast road and back down to the parking lot.  The wind and rain were no match for these weather-hardened trail runners as they never thought of turning back or cutting the run short.

The main group ran 10.3 km and the recovery group ran 10.5 km in just under 2hrs.

Thanks to Randolph for planning the route and to Geoff and Pete for leading the recovery and main groups, respectively. Well done to everyone who came and enjoyed the wet run.

Congratulations to Allison who ran her 50th sortie and is eligible to wear a green tee shirt.

The main group at the start of our descent
Some sunny areas over the vineyards (looking east) 
Clouds blocking the top of the mountain and threatening us with more rain

Monday 2 June 2014

FEEDBACK Sat 7 June: Atlantic Seaboard.

25 turned up in the dark on the promenade before Green Point Light House to find a chill breeze blowing with a temperature of about 5 degrees.    Our run manager Dave gave us a short brief on this new route and we were off , glad to be moving.   
Once on Signal Hill the air was a tad warmer and the long uphill slog did help warm us up.   As the sun rose it revealled a beautiful day in the offing.    The view of the mountain was crystal clear rising above the mist shrouded suburbs sprawling around its feet.

The Main Group ran 14.5 kms in 2hrs 15min and the Recovery Group did 11kms in 2hrs 20min

 Thanks to Dave and Tissa who recced this new route and set the sortie up and congratulations to Tissa who completed her 25th sortie so becoming eligible to don  a red tee shirt.

Thanks to Gae and Chantal for the photos.

Main Group Photo

Recovery Group photo