Friday 12 December 2014

FEEDBACK 13 Dec 2014: End of Year Run, Breakfast and Clothes Collection - Cecilia/Kirstenbosch

The annual end-of-year Cecelia forest and Kirstenbosch run was held on Saturday 13 December.  Thanks to the Granelli's for hosting the picnic after the run.  We look forward to seeing everyone back next year on 10 January 2015.  Please keep reading the blog for the details of our next run.

Old, fallen trees that become part of the path and make trail running an adventure.

Route profile and information.
Being the last run of the year, not many kept time, but the Main group did about 13 km and the Recovery group turned at Nursery Ravine to complete 11.2 km in about 2 h.

Trailers getting some much needed rest on the green grass of the Granelli's