Saturday 26 April 2014

FEEDBACK: Sat 3 May, Silvermine, Old Wagon Trail

We had more than thirty trail runners turn up for our run up the Old Wagon Trail from Silvermine Village to the Dam and back.

A clear morning with some cloud and relatively warm for Autumn.   Promptly at 0700 Natalie had us sorted into groups and soon Gregg led off the main group followed by the recovery group and the 6 or 7 forming Fay's walking group.

Seems a good run was had by all despite a few scraped knees and palms.

Thanks to Natalie for organising it all, Gregg for leading the main group, Neil for doing the same for the recovery group and the ever willing Fay for taking out her walkers.

Looking South towards Simon's Town

Regrouping and time to enjoy the scenery

No words needed

Main Group Photo

Monday 21 April 2014

FEEDBACK: Sat 26 April, Constantia Nek

Autumn showed its hand with a good shower as the cars drew into the parking area.    Notwithstanding this we had over thirty runners turn out for the four different runs on offer.

Gregg Smith took charge of those who wanted  to run the Llandudno route most opting for the car shuttle to Suikerbossie but a few  decided on a longer run and ran to the start.

Geoff Nell aided by Natalie led the "time constrained"  main group off up the Shortcut and route through to Skeleton Gorge via Rooikat ravine.  Apparently a good run but a little short as the only covered about 10.5 Kms.

The Recovery  and Fay's walking group followed in their footsteps but turned back a little sooner.

Thanks to Gregg for organising the "long Llandudno" run. He reports that they covered 14.4kms in approximately 3hrs 15mins and to Geoff for leading the other Main group who did 10.5kms in about two hours.  

Congratulations to Mariette Flint who completed her 25th sortie today

Photos below thanks to Tamsyn taken on the Llandudno route 

Monday 7 April 2014

FEEDBACK: Saturday 12th April 2014: Tokai Forest to lookout point over Blackburn Ravine/Hout Bay

26 Trail runners arrived in the pre-dawn darkness of the Tokai Arboretium on a sultry late summer morning which had every indication of the start of a hot day.

Lorraine gave a no -nonsense briefing, we then split into the three groups Main, Recovery and Fay's Walking Group and were soon starting up the long hot climb up the Elephant's eye foot-path.   At level 5 we turned left for the run up the mountain side gravel track leading into Silvermine reserve.   

On the way we passed three American students who were out to collect Baboon urine for some research project.  At first we thought they were kidding us but the were adamant that this was serious research!   Wonder what the baboons made of this. 

This was followed by the run along Steenberg Ridge with its breathtaking sunrise view over the Cape Peninsula.   Then the Main Group headed off to the lookout platform at the top of Blackburn Ravine  and the Recovery Group took the direct route back down the steps though the forest to the parking area.

14.5 Km for the Main Group and 11.3 for the Recovery Group.     An enjoyable run for all.

Thanks to Lorraine for her organisation and congratulations to Jenni Sutherland who completed her tenth sortie and is promoted to the Speed Check-in.

Main Group

Recovery Group