Monday 30 January 2017

FEEDBACK Saturday 4th February: East Fort

Thirty trailers turned up for a route that has a little bit of everything – tar, jeep track. rocky single track, sand, a waterfall and a ‘don't look down we’re on the edge’ bit (with stupendous views). 

The Slow group had a 10-minute head start while we waited for people stuck in Lion of Africa traffic and they ran up Chapman’s Peak Drive from the beach to the East Fort turnoff. There they went up and up Blackburn Ravine and returned 2 hours later with a tough 8 kms under their belt. The Fast and Medium Group followed the same 12km route from the beach up Chapman’s and along the contour path to the cairn. Then down to Chapman’s Peak Drive again and the beach. Fast group did this in under 2 hrs and newcomer Alfred from Norway enjoyed himself so much he promised to be back next week. Medium group came in around 2h10ish, there was lots of the usual selfie taking and some lovely pics from Gae and Joanne on our FB page. A lovely run on a perfect cloudy, cool morning – magic! Thanks to Nora, Gae and Julian for leading.

Saturday 28 January 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 28 January 2017 - Hole in the Wall

It could have been the early start or perhaps the hills, but a smallish group of 26 trailers met before sunrise on Boyes Drive at Hole in the Wall - the start of Farmer Peck's Valley. 

Richard and the fast group started off first, then the medium group led by Theo and the usual committee, followed by the small slower group ably led by Marge and Nora.

The first 2kms of this route are a slow trek uphill but that gave us lots of time to stop and take a million sunrise photographs!

By the time we got to the Muizenberg Peak junction the fast group were nowhere to be seen. The medium group skipped Muizenberg Peak and went along a pretty single track to Lower Steenberg Peak.

The fast group caught us as we descended from Steenberg and we gathered for a fast and medium team photo.

Neil and Brett abandoned the medium group at this point and followed Richard. The fast group disappeared again and we next saw them at the end.

We took it easy and enjoyed the flowers, the scenery and the flowing running on single and jeep tracks before the descent down Bailey's Kloof and the stunning views over False Bay.

We all turned into photographers at this point!

The early start was a great idea as it was definitely getting hot towards the end.

Nora and Marge created their own route for the slower group.

It is a beautiful route with a little bit of everything - uphills, downhills, single track, jeep track and awesome views

Lots more photographs on our Facebook page!

Wednesday 25 January 2017

TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS Table Mountain Trailers: Tee Shirts.

Hi All

It’s probably time to put in another order for our TMT T-shirts as I have had several queries about ordering our TMT branded T- shirts.   Before we start taking orders I need to know the likely response as the price is dependent on the total number ordered.  Previously the price was in the region of R160 for a short sleeve to R190 for a long sleeve.  Please email me if you would like a T-shirt – no payment or order required yet.  I will do an order form once we know the price.

Anyone can order the White tee but only those who have run 25 or more sorties can order the Red tee; 50 or more the Green tee, 75 or more the Blue tee and 100 or more the Black tee.   If you have completed more than 100, then the T-shirt can have a white side insert. You can order in advance but then we hold onto the Tee until you have actually completed the required number of sorties.

If you want to check how many sorties you have done go to our Blog and click on "Runners Log

Should you have any queries please contact me



K-Way VOB's Medium Distance Trail Group





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Friday 20 January 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 21st January 2017 - Silvermine to Blackburn Lookout

A good turnout of 37 runners met at the Silvermine North gate in a surprisingly strong chill wind.The three group leaders were briefed on the variations on the route and lead the way up the River Walk - the Slower group taking a very minor detour right off the bat...
This route is a winner in every way. A gentle gradient for the first couple of kilometres means that the usual initial huffing and puffing is absent and cheery conversation can be maintained until the zigzags are reached. The trees along the boardwalks provide a shadowy canopy that's pretty and sheltered. A few of the Medium group decided to run up the zigzag jeep track, others simply took the short cut up the steps, but all arrived at the top of the first section feeling pleasantly warm and slightly breathless.
The Medium group's return route was the Crassula Path, so we climbed up the single track ably lead by Theo, albeit slightly less chatty than we had been earlier, and enjoyed the stunning views on either side of the crest.
The Fast group did the route in reverse and popped up to Elephant's Eye for a quick look-see on the way back. All of us enjoyed a dip in the dam at before heading back to the cars down the River Walk again.It was good to see so much water in the dam!
Distances & times were:
  • Fast group: 14.2kms in 2h32
  • Medium group: 12.2kms in 2h23
  • Slow group: 7kms, time TBA
CONGRATULATIONS: to Mariette Flint and Angela Hutchinson who have both completed 50 Sorties! Welcome to the Green T-Shirt brigade ladies!

Thanks to Julian, Theo, Gae, Liz, Nora & Allison for leading, and to Liz for the beautiful photos.