Sunday 26 November 2017

FEEDBACK: Cecilia Forest Saturday 2nd December

The faster group was managed by Gregg, the medium group by Gaeleen and committee and Nora looked after the relaxed group.

After a short briefing we split into 3 groups and all followed the cycle track that runs parallel to Rhodes Drive.

All groups then ran towards Constantia Neck, doubled back on the jeep track and headed onto the steps of Rooikat ravine, Cecilia waterfall etc.  

The fast and medium groups ran onto Skeleton gorge before returning and doing another loop in Cecilia forest.  The relaxed group return via Cecilia forest to the car park.

A good mix of jeep track, single track and plenty of stair climbing.

The fast and medium groups did about 12.5 km and the relaxed group about 8 km (Peter to confirm).

We saw all the markers for the UTCT, but were finished before the runners came through.

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Sunday 19 November 2017

FEEDBACK: Constantia Greenbelts 25 Nov 2017

A beautiful day for running! The regulars were joined by some faces from the past for this run - a definite favourite.

All groups went up the Alphen greenbelt to the crossing into Cecilia Forest. From there various routes were taken to get to the Cecilia Forest parking/Top tap and home via the Diep River greenbelt.

Although the running isn't technical, it is uphill all the way to top tap! The mountain was looking beautiful and the route was shaded and cool.

We managed to squeak home before the Park Run started!

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Monday 13 November 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 18th November 2017 : Silvermine North

The mountain was covered in mist and the weather was gloomy and cool as the crowd waiting for the Silvermine gate to open got larger and more impatient. Eventually the gate marshall arrived having walked up Ou Kaapse Weg. We were all a bit sheepish as most of us had passed him at the bottom...

After everyone got through the gate queue, the 3 groups started out up the River Walk. Gregg led the fast group which eventually split into 2. Despite the weather, jackets were shed as we went up and along Steenberg ridge. The medium group also split as some elected to meet us at the Elephants Eye turn off.

It was turning out to be wonderful running weather. The medium group met up with the slower fast group on the way to the Elephant's Eye lookout and we all stopped for a group photo. Then it was on to the Hout Bay Lookout. 

The wind was cold at the Lookout so we didn't stop for long despite the great view. At the Amphitheatre turnoff, people with time constraints went down the zig zags to go home while the rest of us clambered up the ridge. 

Stunning views, gorgeous flowers and a great run

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Sunday 5 November 2017

FEEDBACK Saturday 11 November 2017 - Valley of Red Gods, Maclears

The west side of town was under a thick sea mist as we trawled Theresa Avenue trying to find legal parking spaces.

A smallish group of 25 trailers gathered at the start. Paul arrived late and galloped up the hill to find that he and Katya were the only 2 in the fast group. They took off and we didn't see them again!

As we trudged slowly up Kasteelpoort, we popped out of the mist into beautiful weather, which just got better! 

What a stunning route. Trailers haven't explored this part of the mountain often and we marvelled at the Valley of the Red Gods - Lorraine researched the Rudyard Kipling poem containing the phrase - and the Valley of Isolation. Lots of climbing! Just before we reached Echo Valley, those with time constraints turned back picking up some of the Relaxed group on the way.

4 of the medium group went off ahead on their own journey and the rest of us went up the ladders to the top of Platteklip and then turned right to Maclear's Beacon - a first for some! After a small celebration and some food, we turned back and went along Echo Valley before retracing our steps home.

It was getting hot, but there was still enough flowing water on the mountain for refreshing drinks. A long morning out, but so worth it! 

On the way back we met up with 3 of the relaxed group who had gone to Echo Valley and back via the Dams. They were also enthusing about their route. A bunch of happy trailers

That part of the mountain is definitely worth exploring again.

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