Essential and Recommended Kit

Dear Trailers,

Despite the disclaimers, we do care about your safety on the mountain. As such, we require you to carry some basic essential kit when you run with us. 


The 3W’s:
  • Water
  • Windproof/Waterproof
  • Whistle
ICE information In Case Of Emergency Contacts / Medical Aid Information - attached to bag or shoe

Space Blanket  Check regularly, these degrade with time


  • Buff (this is a multi-functional piece of equipment: it can be used as a sling or bandage as well as a head/neck covering and for blowing one's nose)
  • KT or similar kinesiology tape
  • Sweets or other snack
  • Any personal medication clearly marked explaining dosage and application - especially asthma pumps and anti-histamine

Remember that your lack of kit may impact on the whole group. Please be considerate.

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