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Table Mountain Trailers' motto is "Fast enough to get there, slow enough to enjoy".

This sums up our group's approach to recreational trail running. Our runs are not always particularly easy and often we tackle steep trails up the mountain, but we do stop frequently to re-group and to appreciate the view or examine some object of interest. In a nutshell, we enjoy jogging along our magnificent mountain trails with like-minded people, watching the sun rise over the mountains or the sea, whatever the weather. Lively banter and a sense of humour are part of the compulsory kit.

Our runs range from 10-15kms in distance depending on the route chosen for the day and we run as a pack. We usually split into groups on the day (see below) with a group leader and sweep, although all groups follow more or less the same route. Depending on the distance and terrain, our sorties take between two to three hours. Browse through this blog for run reports to give you a better idea of who we are and where we go.

A brief description of the difference between the groups is more or less as follows:

The Main Group  runs at a medium pace and slows to a fast walk on the steeper uphills and technical descents. They re-group regularly to make sure that everyone is together.

The Relaxed Group is a trail running group for beginners and the less fit.  They run the flats but slow to a fast walk on the uphills, over difficult technical sections and take it easy down the steeper descents. They often start over the same route as the Medium Groups but for a shorter distance  of between 7-10kms. However, it is NOT a walking or hiking group. We do some running!

Novice Trail Runners

We welcome novices to trail running but a certain minimum level running fitness is required in order to participate in our trail runs and still have fun. As an estimate, we reckon that you need to be able to run 12 - 15kms on road at a pace of at least 6min 30/km.

First timers: When you arrive at the rendezvous location, please sign the attendance sheet. We ask that you provide a ICE phone number (in case of emergency) and an email address so that you can receive our twice-weekly emails informing you of the next sortie. We will not misuse your email address or phone number for any other purpose, promise.

When you're safely back, please ensure that you mark the register accordingly so that we don't send a search party after you unnecessarily.

Minimum kit requirements for every run:
  • 500ml - 1 litre water
  • A whistle
  • A warm/waterproof top
  • Space blanket
  • Details of emergency contacts (bracelet, typed paper)
Depending on the weather, you may need sunblock, energy snacks and/or a cap, sunglasses, etc. It's a good idea to bring a mobile phone into which you can save the run leader's phone number and other emergency numbers.

Not compulsory, but many like to wear one of the Group's official t-shirts. After completing 25 sorties, you will be entitled to wear the Red T-shirt, after 50 sorties, the Green T-Shirt, and after 75 Sorties, the Blue. One hundred sorties will allow you to wear the prestigious Black.  The shirts are available in long and short sleeved versions as well as vests. We generally order once a year.

WarningTrail running is inherently more dangerous than road running.  It may take place over uneven hazard strewn trails in exposed and often remote terrain where help is not always readily available.

Participation is voluntary and entirely at your own risk as although the organizers take reasonable precautions to ensure runner safety, it cannot be guaranteed.  To this end neither the Club nor the organisers personally can be held liable for any claims relating to inter alia, injuries, disabilities and death. Further any minor child participating in any trail running activity will be deemed to be doing so with the consent of his or her guardian.

By starting out on a trail run you explicitly acknowledge that: 
1] you understand the associated risks involved and accept full responsibility for your own safety. 
2] you are medically and physically fit to participate and 
3] are carrying the necessary water, clothing and safety equipment required for the particular run.

Any questions? 
Contact Gaeleen Tompkins on juliant@mweb.co.za, Liz Brash on liz_brash@mweb.co.za or Lorraine Nevin on loribuddle@gmail.com

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