Thursday 24 October 2013

FEEDBACK 26 October : Silvermine South East

This time the gate guard was almost on time to let in the 19 who turned out for a run in the thick mist that hung over the Silvermine Mountains.   

Not to be daunted by such a minor matter Pierro gave the usual safety briefing and then appointed Richard and Gregg to led out the Main Group leaving Catherine to follow with the Recovery group.

Unfortunately there was nothing to see but swirling clouds of mist.   We followed the sound of the person in front as much of the time they were invisible.

Paula Wilson picked up an ankle injury which was bound up by Julian and it was agreed that she should return to the cars and was accompanied back along the jeep track by Elvera.   Sad end to what was Paula's tenth run!

Main group did 11.5 kms with the Recovery group doing 10.25 kms

Well done to Pierro and Catherine for organizing, managing and leading a good run.

Main group in the Fat Lady cave

Recovery group outside the Muizenberg cave

Monday 14 October 2013

FEEDBACK: 19 October, Sunbird Centre into Silvermine Reserve

Gae's report back:

Nice to start and end on a downhill for a change.  We assumed we would catch up with the recovery group on our way down the wagon trail, but we didn’t (found out that they didn’t follow the suggested route exactly and also ran over 13 km) – so no-one lost, no-one injured, and a nice route.

 Distance - 13.1 km in 1 h 50.

Congratulations to Nora Miller who completed her 10th sortie

 Regards   --Gae and Julian

Acsis/VOB's Trail Group for medium distance slower runners

Monday 7 October 2013

FEEDBACK: Rhodes Memorial-Newlands

Although the weather forecasts were projecting perhaps a little light rain later in the morning they got it wrong!    18 turned up despite the rain and we were soon marshaled into our groups briefed and off we went on time.

Now many route planners have their favorites: some like steep uphills, some the technical bits but Lorrainne added a new dimension, she chose a route that carefully ran under every rain cloud gathered over the Newlands slopes of the mountain.   We got wet.   Never the less a good run over a scenic and varied route and for once we did not get lost!

Thanks Lorraine and Nicholas for leading the Main Group

Be briefed at the start

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The long haul up Heartbreak hill

Return trail through Newlands forest in the rain!

Route profile

Route followed by Main Group