Friday 15 March 2024

Fw: TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS: Saturday 16 March 2024: Lions Head Signal Hill circuit from Mouille Point (Green Point) lighthouse

Happy Friday!

Our run is ON for tomorrow.

There will be a walking group at the same starting point who'll be enjoying the sights of the Prom.

See you there 🌞 

Begin forwarded message:

Happy Monday Trailers

Returning to an ol' fave, we're City and Sea side this Saturday.

Route details
From Mouille Point (Green Point) lighthouse, we warm up along beach road and head up Glengariff Road (please be mindful of traffic).  At the top of Glengariff we hit the trail, put our lungs back in, and turn right to run above Sea Point. 

We follow the Lions Head Path all the way around the bottom of Lions Head, dodging the tourists as we pass the start of the Lions Head hiking trail to head back along the rump of the Lion, right passed the Kramat to the 2nd parking area .
Here we can choose to "out and back" to Signal Hill lookout before turning down towards Bo-Kaap. Taking the first left and then right we find our way to the noon day gun, where we pause to take some pics with the "big guns" and of the view before continuing our way down the side of signal hill.  

We make our way back to the cars down side streets to run through Green Point park and return to the lighthouse (again please be mindful of traffic).

Rendezvous and Start Time:  

RV at  the Moullie Point (Green Point) Lighthouse at 6:25am ready to start running at 6:30am

Terrain and Distance:

Mostly single track with some solid climbing and undulating running.  

Distance: approx 12-13kms taking about 2h30 mins for the Medium Group

Faster Group will follow a similar route with a possible extension decided on the day.
Walking Group will be confirmed on Friday.
Please Bring:  
whistle, water, a warm /waterproof/windproof top dependent on weather, space blanket and ICE (In Case of Emergency) tag or card   
ImportantOur runs are pack runs and may split into 2 or 3 pace groups on the day. Please remember to look behind you at every turn in the route to make sure the people behind you see which way you are going.  Please keep together and ensure that no-one is left on their own.  Routes are subject to deviation on the day.  
  Unfortunately no dogs allowed on our runs.

Have a great week!



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