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Fwd: TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS: Saturday 27th March - Simon's Town to Smitswinkel (point to point)

Hi, Trailers,


Our run tomorrow is ON.


The predicted weather forecast will be overcast, cool with a light breeze, perfect running weather. Please come prepared.

 See you there at 6:55

Gary Phipson
Cell: 078 998 7687

Please be aware that our runs operate under strict COVID protocols even though now on level 1. 

  • No gathering in a big group at the start or end of the run
  • All runners to carry a mask or buff
  • Practice social distancing
  • We will break into small groups as per regulations while we run
  • No personal sign in – ensure the leader ticks you in/out. Please carry emergency contact numbers in your bag or on your wrist/shoe
  • We will monitor the groups weekly for the size
  • VOB reserves the right to stop TMT if the COVID infections increase again in the Western Cape
  • If you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms, please stay at home


This week we will be visiting Simon's Town to Smitswinkel (Smits Trail).

Saturday we will be venturing along a not so used route (for TMT) starting from Simon's Town. This is a point to point route, so there will be some car admin involved. The trail requires a permit from SanParks and permission from the landowner of the private reserve that the path crosses. This has been organised, and each group will need to carry a copy which I will supply at the start, just in case there are rangers on the mountain :-)

SanParks would like us to report any sightings of klipspringers, ideally with photographs.


We start from Jan Smuts drive in Simon's Town and climb up the jeep track which turns into a single track towards the Quarries. Just before the Quarries, we take the path that turns to the left and climb up towards Blockhouse Gap, passing ruins of a Blockhouse. At Blockhouse Gap we take the path to the left to climb to the top of Swartkop. The path continues south towards Smitswinkel, along the top of the Swartkop mountains, and then descends towards the Smitswinkel tented camp and the road to Cape Point, near where the cars are parked at the end. If the fast group needs more distance, there is the option to run back to the start, either on the trail or on the t*r along the coast (approximately 20km if completing the full loop...). There will be around 800m ascent in total on the basic route.

Rendezvous and start time
Meet at 
6:55 am at Jan Smuts Drive, Simon's Town (near number 30) ready to start at 7.00 am. 

How to get there

Drive through the centre of Simon's Town towards Cape Point. Just after Simon's Town School on the right, and a convenience store on the left, turn right up Harrington Road. Continue to the T junction at the top, and turn left into Jan Smuts drive. Continue along Jan Smuts and the start will be just after number 30 on the right. There should be parking along Jan Smuts, please be considerate when parking and do not block any residents access. Map of the start attached.

The car park at the end of the trail is at Smitswinkel Bay Corner (permit indicates max of 4 vehicles) This is approximately 12 minutes drive (9.3km) from the start. Parking is not permitted at Smits Forestry station or Smits Camp, including driveways.

Terrain and distance
Starting on jeep track, then single track. Uphill start and then undulating with a steepish descent near the end. Around 9,5 - 11km depending on the route chosen. Medium group about 2:45:17. Hikers indicate approximately 5 hours :-)

This is a pack run with regular regroups, we will split into speed groups with leaders and sweeps in the morning. 

There will be a relaxed group that will be hiking the route.

Please note that  K-Way VOB club rules do not permit dogs on our runs. The permit also indicates that dogs are not allowed on this trail.


What to bring
Water, whistle, warm/windproof top depending on weather, space blanket, ICE ID - either on your phone, bracelet/tag, card in your backpack.


Please remember to look behind you at every turn in the route to make sure the people behind you see which way you are going.   
Leaders of each group will ensure that no-one is left behind. Please keep the groups together and ensure that no-one is left on their own.

Many Thanks, and Kind Regards,

Gary Phipson
Cell: 078 998 7687

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