Thursday 9 May 2024

Fwd: TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS - Rhodes Mem/Newlands Forest - 11th May 2024

Saturday's Forest run is ON weather is excellent for a mountain meander, cool with low cloud cover.
Walkers will organise amongst themselves.
See you there.

Hi Trailers

This coming Saturday we will be making a return to Rhodes Memorial and Newlands Forest 


Rendezvous and start time

We meet for our briefing and sign the register at 07:15 ready to start running at 07:30

RV at Rhodes Memorial Parking (👈🏽 Click for directions)

 Route (👈🏽 click for route)

We'll start from Rhodes Mem Parking heading up to the top contour path turning left, running till a lovely right hand turn up Bastard hill, slipping through the broken fence heading to Woodcutters after which we turn left followed by a right continuing to the cycle track towards Kirstenbocsh followed by a right turn which takes us up to the Contour Path over the Aloes 400 step heading towards The Blockhouse, after which we take the cycle route down to the top of Plum Pudding then a fast down to the lower jeep track and head pack to our parked cars and coffee.

Terrain and Distance

Gravel tracks and trails with excellent climbing sections.  Distance 12 km

Walking Group to be confirmed on Friday.


What to bring  

Water, whistle, warm/windproof top, rain jacket - weather dependent, space blanket, ICE ID - either on your phone, bracelet/tag, card in your backpack.

Please make sure that you are carrying the right equipment, enough food and water.

ImportantPlease remember to look behind you at every turn in the route to make sure the people behind you see which way you are going.  Please keep together and ensure that no-one is left on their own. 

PS  Sorry no dogs allowed on VOB runs

See you there 



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